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African Serval Zeus - F1 Savannahs

Our new baby Zeus, the African Serval, is photo'd below. We are very hopeful he will be the heart of our upcoming F1 Savannah Cat Program.

African servals are among some of the most beautiful wild cats in the world IMO. An African serval is paired with a domestic cat in order to make an F1 Savannah kitten. Due to the fact that there are currently many Savannahs already out there, the best practice is to pair an African serval with a quality Savannah cat and not just any domestic. Pairing a serval with a quality Savannah cat is likely to result in a very nice F1 Savannah kitten with the traits we want to see in a Savannah, whereas pairing to just any domestic can result in a lesser amount of the many Savannah characteristics we all know and love.

F1 Savannahs are very difficult to breed, a very small percentage of breeders who have attempted to breed F1 Savannah kittens have actually succeeded. We are doing our best to learn from the mistakes of others and attempting this ourselves. We feel we can greatly contribute to the breed if we are successful. We have kept back some of our stunning Savannah kittens to attempt breeding to our serval. We hope to have some incredible F1 Savannah kittens sometime in 2021 if God allows. The best way to be notified of our available kittens is to join our mailing list, you can find the form HERE.

Due to the fact that breeding F1 Savannahs is difficult, risky, and expensive, a nice F1 Savannah kitten is not cheap; please beware of scams. A quality F1 Savannah Kitten is between $15,000 - $20,000; I have seen some at almost $25,000. There are many scams out there for F1 Savannahs, because everyone wants an F1 but not everyone can afford an F1, scammers prey on those who want a deal, but cheap F1 Savannahs just don't exist. If you see one for $5000, I would stay far away, that is the price of a lower generation, not an F1. If you do not have a budget for a quality F1 Savannah kitten, there are many stunning SBT's (Stud Book Tradition aka pure bred). SBT's are at the show level (eligible to participate in TICA cat shows). We have some incredible SBT kittens available now, to see what we have available, CLICK HERE. Below are photos of our amazing SBT stud Khari, he is the father of the majority of our current SBT litters. He is photo'd first as a kitten, next at 5 months of age, and then a bit older. Khari is nicer than most F2's I've seen available for sale. He produces some incredible kittens!

As you can see, Khari, father of our SBT Savannah kittens, is simply incredible! If you are interested in a Savannah kitten out of Khari, please CLICK HERE to see what we have available. Khari is half brother to Rocky, who was the number 1 Savannah cat in the world. We are so happy with Khari and his kittens, that we have recently purchased one of Khari's silver half brothers, full brother to Rocky. Our new boy is a silver, we are hoping he turns out as gorgeous as our amazing Khari so that we can produce some beautiful silver kittens. At the moment our only silver breeding cat is Wynter, so silvers are few and far between in our breeding program. We love both golden and silver and would like some variety in coloring with our breedings. Wynter is photo'd below as an example of how gorgeous a silver Savannah cat is.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Please visit www.artemissavannahs.com/savannahcatsforsale to view our available kittens.

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