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RW Artemissavannah Platinum is the 2022 BEST SAVANNAH KITTEN OF THE YEAR in his region! He is 2022 SECOND BEST SAVANNAH KITTEN IN THE WORLD! Platinum is a stunning Silver Savannah Cat. We are so very proud of his accomplishments in the TICA Show world! He earned a whopping 3167 points from TICA judges! He is the perfect combination of his parents, Khari and Wynter! Khari and Wynter do have a litter I have not listed yet and they are FULL siblings to our amazing Platinum! I do have half siblings currently listed, as well as Platinum's very first litter! If you are interested in a quality savannah kitten, please click here to view our kittens.

Below is Peaches, all of Platinum's other kittens have been reserved! Peaches is incredible, I have no idea how I still have her, besides the fact that my ads have been down for the past 3 months, and now finally running again! ;)

If you are interested in our GORGEOUS Silver Savannah Kitten, Peaches, please click here for more info and contact me! We are so smitten with her! If only we could keep her! Not becoming a kitten hoarder is increasingly difficult, they are so easy to love! <3

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