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Are Savannah Cats Mean?

Are Savannah Cats mean? They're bred down from a wild animal, the African serval, so doesn't that mean they're vicious? Should I be terrified? What's their personality like?

It's true, Savannah cats are bred down from the African serval and a domestic cat. The goal is to have a very wild looking domestic cat that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. They are highly sought after all over the world, not only for their beautiful features, but also for their incredible personalit

ies. The higher generations are more closely related to the serval, such as the F1, who has a serval parent. The lower generations, such as the F8, are further from their serval ancestor, but bare an incredibly striking resemblance when bred correctly. We can all appreciate the undeniable beauty of a savannah cat, but that leaves us with the question, are they mean?

African Serval
This is a photo of an African Serval!

Savannah cats are not mean by nature. In my personal experience, they are a true joy to have around the house. Savannah's are fun, playful, intelligent, curious, and energetic. Every cat is going to have their own personality, some are shy, some are extremely social, some bond strongly to one person (usually the higher generations), and some enjoy anyone's company; they are all going to be different. My personal experience with my Savannah's (F3 and below) has been nothing short of perfect. I believe a large factor in this is often how they are raised, not always, but more often than not. I believe that early socialization is very important so that they can be the best version of themselves in a family environment. Savannah cats ARE NOT PETS, they are family! When you spend some time around a Savannah, you will understand!

Savannah Cat
F3 Savannah Cat, Oriaku, as a kitten! She has brains and beauty!

I can not stress how incredibly intelligent Savannah cats are, and I want to give you an example, because their intelligence, among other things, will keep you smiling and coming back for more! For example: I was on my laptop one day finishing up some work (our master bedroom is open to our master bath), and all of the sudden I hear trickling. I looked over at the sink thinking maybe somehow the water turned on, I was so confused. The water wasn't on, and it wasn't the tub either. I was wondering where in the world it was coming from, when I finally looked over at the toilet, and there she was, squatting and urinating. That was the very first time I witnessed my F3, Oriaku, using the toilet. She taught herself how to use the toilet! Yes! You read that right! I was so shocked and impressed, I couldn't grab my phone in time, but I did manage to pick my jaw up off the floor eventually! I had thought about toilet training her and never got around to it, but I guess after watching us she figured it out, I was so proud of my kitty! Savannah cats are pretty impressive, and definitely worth the investment, as I said, they aren't pets, they're family!

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1 Comment

Christina Hileman
Christina Hileman
Nov 08, 2019

Our Savannah cats that we got from you are the most loving cats we've had. Kiwi, especially is ALWAYS sitting on us along with our other small dogs...she acts more like a little dog! They also play with our dogs and groom

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