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Artemis Savannah Cats

We have spared no expense, time, and research in our breeding program to ensure our new families get quality well socialized kittens. Savannah Kittens are priced individually and prices are based on overall quality, temperament, gender, generation, & color.

All kittens will come up to date on recommended vaccinations.


You are more than welcome to fly in and pick up your new kitten! My airport is MCI (Kansas City). I would be happy to meet you at any time that is convenient for you.



I can hand deliver my kittens anywhere in the USA where Savannah's are legal! Please make sure they are allowed where you live prior to contacting me. I do not offer shipping, too many things can go wrong, and the last thing your new kitten needs is a stressful transition to his/her new home.



Please email me for a quote if you know which kitten you are wanting to make a part of your family and what date you are wanting him/her delivered. Keep in mind that kittens can not leave our home until they are at least 12-16 weeks old. Quotes are only good for as long as the ticket prices stay the same, I typically like to get flights booked about 2 weeks before flying out. 

Thanks for your interest in our Savannah kittens!

Nyx, Spotted Savannah Kitten for Sale
Zara, Silver Spotted Savannah Cat with Black Nose for Sale
Echo, Silver Spotted Savannah Kitten For Sale
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