Savannah Cat Studs


Platinum, showing in TICA cat shows.JPG

Platinum is our very own home bred silver stud.  He has excellent color, as well as type! His ears are incredible! Platinum is being shown in TICA shows for the 2021/2022 season! Photo'd at 5 months of age! :) We have big plans for Platinum in our breeding program. We plan to pair Platinum with our stunning F1 Steele for some exceptional F2 kittens as we feel they would compliment each other very well, what one lacks, the other has! We are crossing our fingers for success, and are very excited to see the beautiful kittens they will produce. 


Khari is an amazing example of the Savannah cat breed, and the newest addition to our family and breeding program.  Photo'd as a kitten, we had plans to show him in TICA cat shows when he got a little older, but Covid hit. He has amazing spotting, fantastic coat clarity, large beautiful ears, long legs, hooded eyes, a stunning wild expression. Khari has it all and has made many exceptional kittens. We would like to thank his breeder for letting him go to us, we searched for a very long time for another stud to add to our breeding program and none really caught my eye until I saw Khari, it was love at first sight! Khari is half brother to the 2nd best Savannah cat in the world 2020!


We have been wanting the perfect silver stud to add to our family for a very long time, and Aries is it! We loved Khari so much, we decided to go ahead and make his half brother, Aries, a part of our family! This is a short clip of the video his breeder sent us and we are just in love! He is exceptionally handsome and we are very excited to see the kittens he will be producing for us in the near future!

Due to Covid, we will not be attempting to show Aries, however his quality, much like Khari's is undeniable! 

Aries is a full brother to TICA's 2nd best Savannah kitten in the world 2020!


Arzaelan (aka Azlan) is a TICA Grand Champion Savannah Cat. He was awarded second best Savannah Cat 2018 in his region. We had been searching for a quality Savannah Cat stud for a very long time to add to our Savannah Cat breeding program.  Many thanks to his breeder for allowing us the opportunity to own such a beautiful representation of the Savannah Cat breed, the excitement still hasn't worn off and we are so happy about the amazing kittens he has already produced for us and we cant wait to meet each of the future quality Savannah kittens Arzaelan will be producing here at Artemis Savannah's.