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Our Savannah kittens are raised in our home with our children. We also have 6 large catios for our adults who aren't raising kittens. As a savannah cat breeder of 3 young children, we feel good temperament is a very important trait to focus on with the savannah cat breed. Our SV cats are complete sweethearts, many are cuddle bugs and put up with a lot; our younger children, Keira and Artemis, like to carry them around the house, because of course they are their babies. Our kittens are kind of a big deal in our home, we absolutely love having kittens in the house! Kitty play time is one of the best parts of our day! They are just so much fun and full of personality. If you are looking for a Savannah Cat Breeder who spends a lot of time socializing their kittens, we are the breeder for you, our Savannah kittens come home pre-loved and ready to join your family.

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F2 Savannah Kitten with Artemis
Diesel, the savannah kitten for sale
Tornado, Savannah Cat For Sale 2
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We decided from the start of our breeding program, that we wanted to remain a small breeder and that quality is very important to us. We enjoy our interactions with our kittens and new kitten families and the relationships we've made and continue to make. Our Savannah cat family and breeding program is made up of some of the nicest cats out there IMO, many with show lineage or having been shown themselves, including our TICA show champions. We were very selective not only with choosing our initial breeders, but also with choosing our home-bred keepers. It's very important to select the right pairings in order to produce even better examples of the Savannah cat breed than the prior generations. Our very own home-bred TICA show champion Platinum has enjoyed being daddy to many of our current litters. Platinum produces amazing kittens, both F2 and SBT!

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FUN FACT: We chose to name, Artemis Savannah's, after my daughter, Artemis. She shares the same name with the Greek Goddess of Wild Animals, a daughter of Zeus. I thought it was fitting as the Savannah cat comes from the stunning African Serval, not only that, but my Artemis is a big time animal lover like her mommy!

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