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Savannah Cat Breeders


You've been searching for your perfect kitten and have found so many options, how can you tell if you've found a quality Savannah cat breeder?


A quality breeder is going to offer some sort of a health guarantee on their kittens. The last thing you want as a buyer is to get a kitten, the kitten has some type of serious health concern that the vet may have missed, you lose your kitten, and your breeder refuses to replace your kitten. You want a breeder who offers a 1 year health guarantee. Here at Artemis Savannah's every single one of our kittens comes with a 1 year health guarantee, we offer the option to purchase an additional 1-3 year health guarantee with your kitten, for a max guarantee of 4 years. We know that there are things vets can miss, and many serious life threatening health issues don't show up until your cat is 2-3 years old, this is why we allow our new kitten families the option of purchasing a more lengthy guarantee than most Savannah cat breeders do.

Savannah cat breeder
The stunning Savannah kitten, Imari, held by our daughter, Artemis. Imari is the son of TICA Grand Champion Arzaelan and the beautiful Starfire.


When searching for a breeder, you want to be sure they are vaccinating and health testing their Savannah cats. Savannah kittens should have 2 rounds of vaccines (rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, chlamydia, and panleukopenia) prior to coming home. Savannah cats are sensitive to FeLV and FIV vaccines and they should not be given to a Savannah cat. Savannah kittens or their parents should be tested for FeLV, FIV, and Calicivirus, in addition, breeding cats should also be tested for Pra, and Pk. Here at Artemis Savannah's we vaccinate and deworm our cats and kittens, as well as test our cats for all of these issues. We want to ensure the health of our kittens so that our new kitten families can focus on the fun stuff.


A quality Savannah cat breeder is going to be very selective with their breeding cats. The goal of breeding is to constantly improve the breed while providing people with fantastic examples of the breed to love and enjoy. Every breeder is going to tell you their cats are amazing, you want to select a breeder who is actively showing and proving the quality of their cats. There is no denying quality when a cat is being judged by professionals and awarded a title. Not every cat is going to enjoy going to a cat show with hundreds of other cats and complete strangers messing with them, but I feel shows are important, and the goal should always be to constantly improve in health and standard.

Savannah cat breeder, savannah cat for sale
The stunning, Thalia, hanging out with our beautiful little girl, Artemis. Thalia is a daughter of TICA Grand Champion Arzaelan, and the eye catching, Starfire!


Socialization from an early age is very important, not just with Savannah cats, but with any animal. You want your kitten to be friendly and enjoy your company. Of course, with a new home, any cat or kitten is going to be a little wary of their new surroundings, but a kitten who is accustomed to being handled is going to thrive in their new environment/with their new family much quicker than one who isn't use to a lot of interaction with people. Here at Artemis Savannah's, we are lucky to have full time kitten socializers living in our home! Our kids do a great job at socializing our Savannah kittens, and are thrilled to do so! Our Savannah kittens come home accustom to our children constantly handling them.

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