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Silver Savannah Cats

Silver Savannah kitten
Silver Savannah kitten, Rapunzel Cutie Pie

Silver Savannah cats are simply beautiful, and come in many shades. They are not as common as brown spotted Savannah cats, and are an absolute sight for sore eyes! We currently have 1 silver Savannah kitten for sale, he is out of the same parents as Rapunzel Cutie Pie, the kitten photo'd above. Lighter silvers, such as Rapunzel, can be mistaken for snows, I had many asking me if she was a snow.

The only cat that is capable of producing a Silver savannah cat is a silver Savannah cat. The inhibitor gene that produces silver by diluting the coat color is a dominate gene and cannot be carried. Two brown spotted tabbies are incapable of producing silver, even if they have silver cats in their lines, as they do not have the inhibitor gene. Silver results from the Agouti gene plus the inhibitor gene, whereas a brown spotted only has the Agouti gene. There are brown spotted Savannahs that are often mistaken for silver by the untrained eye, such as Jetta, the kitten photo'd below. Jetta is a cool toned brown spotted Savannah.

Brown spotted Savannah kitten
Cool Toned Brown Spotted Savannah Kitten, Jetta

There are darker toned silver Savannah cats, such as Rapunzel's brother, Silver Lightening aka Walker! Silver Lightening's video is below. Silver Lightening has a full brother available for sale, he and his siblings were born on Thanksgiving and we sure are grateful to have them!

Silver Savannah Cat
Silver Savannah Cat, Wynter, Mother of our Silver Kittens

Wynter, photo'd above, is our amazing Silver Savannah cat, she is the mother of our silver kittens. As you can see, silvers are gorgeous in any shade. If you're looking for a silver, we have one left, but plan to have more in the future. If you would like more information on the handsome kitten we currently have available or if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for any future kittens we may have, please contact me.

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