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Savannah Cats

Our Savannah Cats are TICA Show Grand Champion Sired

Our F7 Savannah cat stud, Arzaelan, has done incredibly well in TICA cat shows. He ranked #2 Savannah Cat in his entire region. It's very important to me, as a breeder, to produce some of the nicest Savannah kittens for sale as far as quality is concerned, and we are extremely happy with the stunning kittens he has been producing for us here at Artemis Savannah's. He is a wonderful example of the savannah cat breed!

Arzaelan's photo is located below for your reference.

Arzaelan has Savannah Cats For Sale Currently!

Savannah Cat

TICA Registered Savannah Cats

What is TICA? TICA is The International Cat Association. It is the largest registry for pedigreed cats. It is very important to ensure you purchase a Savannah kitten from a quality breeder. A quality Savannah Cat Breeder will have their cats and kittens registered with TICA and be able to provide you with TICA documentation upon receiving your new kitten. All of our Savannah Cats are registered with TICA and all of our available kittens are eligible for registration.

For more info on TICA, you can visit their website

Our amazing silver goddess, Wynter, is photoed below for your reference.

Savannah Cat

Where Are Savannah Cats Legal?

So you have been searching the web for the perfect Savannah cat for sale, and you've finally found the one. Before you reserve or purchase your Savannah cat, you should make sure they are legal where you live.

Click Here to find out if they are legal in your location.

You may also want to contact your city/county, just to be sure.

Are Savannah Cats Good with Children?

Our Savannah kittens come home very well socialized. Our Kittens are raised in our home around our children. We have 3 children, ages 6, 7, and 12. They are constantly handling our Savannah kittens so they come home very accustom to love and affection. We prepare our kittens to live in a home with children. We ask that prior to purchasing a Savannah kitten, you ensure that your kids are good with and know how to behave around animals.

Photos Below: 1st two photos are of our previous F4 Savannah kittens with our daughters, 3rd photo is of our stunning F3 Savannah Cat, Oriaku, as a kitten; held by our amazing kitten socializer and daughter, Keira.

Savannah Kitten
Savannah Kitten
Savannah Kitten

Why Get a Savannah Cat?

Many times we get asked what the difference is between a Savannah Cat and other exotic breeds, like the Bengal. The Savannah cat is bred down from the wild African Serval and a domestic cat. There is no denying the unique beauty of the Savannah cat, tall ears, legs for days, gorgeous spotting, ect... but lets talk about what keeps everyone coming back for more! Savannah cats have something better than looks, and that is personality! Anyone who owns or has met a Savannah knows what I'm talking about! Many Savannah Cats can be taught to go on walks, play fetch, enjoy the water... hmmmm... does this sound familiar? Sound like a dog? You guessed it! They have very dog like personalities, and oh my are they amazing. They are very intelligent, expert jumpers/climbers, they are definitely not a boring cat, you will have fun with a Savannah and enjoy many laughs!

Savannah Kittens

Our Savannah Kittens Come with a Health Guarantee 

Our Savannah cats come with a health guarantee of up to 4 years. Included in their price is the typical minimum 1 year health guarantee, with the option to purchase additional years. We feel that every home should be allowed a further guarantee as many issues don't show up until later in life.

Our Savannah kittens come home up to date on vaccinations and deworming, and are examined by our vet prior to coming home.

We Hand Deliver our Savannah Kittens within the US

Our kittens get the VIP treatment. We personally hand deliver our Savannah kittens anywhere in the US where they are legal! We DO NOT ship our sweet kittens. We fly them out to your nearest airport in cabin with one of us. They do not fly cargo and we do not use shipping nannies. There is so much that could happen that would be out of our control with those options and we just want to ensure they arrive safely in your arms. Hand delivery is typically around $800 as long as it's booked at least a couple weeks in advance. Please contact me for a hand delivery quote if you have picked out your kitten and are ready to reserve and pay for delivery. Delivery costs change daily depending on the costs of flight, so the cost now may not be the same as in 2 weeks, please contact me when you are ready to book for the price.

We are located in Kansas City, but we may be able to meet you halfway or at least part of the way, free of delivery charge if you are in certain parts of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, Colorado, Iowa, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, South Dakota, or Mississippi

 We have savannah cats for sale now!

Savannah Kitten Payments?

We accept a hold deposit to hold your Savannah kitten for you upon reservation, the rest is due upon pickup/delivery of your kitten when they are 12 weeks of age and ready to come home. The hold deposit is half of the purchase price of the kitten.

Below is a photo of one of our Savannah Kittens

Click on her photo to view our current available kittens!

Savannah Kitten 1 - 1.jpg

Below is a photo of our homebred stud, the incredible Champion Platinum, who has been producing amazing silver kittens for us.

Champion Platinum has been rocking TICA cat shows. In 2022 he was the second best Savannah kitten in the entire world, as well as the best in his region, and went on to earn his Champion title in the same year. It didn't stop there, once again, in 2023 he was awarded the best Savannah of the year in his region. Besides being a fantastic example of the breed, Platinum has such a loving sweet personality that tends to get passed down to his kittens.

Platinum, showing in TICA cat shows.JPG
Savannah kitten, biggest cat.jpg


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Savannah Kittens

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